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2021 in review

2021, Woah. Whilst it may be a little cliché at this point, a part of me still feels like it's 2019. These are certainly strange times. I haven't done one of these before, but I'll start with listing out some highlights and then maybe reflecting a bit more on a few things in more detail. I might also talk about the bits that could have been better. Sounds good? Awesome.


  • 🚶 Pushed myself to explore more of the UK
  • 💻 Another year spent in a job I love!
  • 🤞 Don't think I caught covid
  • ⛰️ Managed to get some climbing done
  • 🏎️ I drove places!
  • 💜 I grew a lot both personally and professionally

Some reflections

I think the main thing I've taken away from the last year is I want to push myself to do more things away from the computer. I just happen to love coding and gaming, which makes for a lot of screen time. I'm also naturally a lazy potato. In 2022, I'd like to see where my other interests take me.

One thing I really enjoyed last year is that I started visiting Wales to go on short coastal hikes (when government restrictions allowed for it). Living in Bristol, it's a relatively short drive and the scenery is incredible. I'd like to try and walk a good chunk of the Wales Coast Path in 2022.

On the career side, I feel like I've grown so much in the last year. I've learnt more on the technical side and have been taking on more and more responsibilities and just having a great time in general. I think I'm very fortunate to work at such an awesome place.

The main thing I'm grateful for is that my partner and I have done such a great job of making our home a cosy, relaxing place to live. It's been a huge blessing whilst working from home. I've been very thankful and consider us very lucky for the environment we have.

As a relatively new driver, I drove from Bristol to Brighton. It took roughly 3-4 hours and I'm very proud that I've started to embark on longer journeys. Learning to drive in 2019 was probably one of the wisest decisions I've made in recent times and it was complete luck that I passed my test just before COVID became a thing.

Although it's only January I've already started climbing again and even taught myself how to juggle 😂 I might actually write a short post about it in the future because it's proven to be an amazingly compatible hobby with having a computer-based job.

Goals for 2022

I can summarise this as "invest in myself and my own wellbeing". There are several ways in which I want to approach this:

  • Ensure I am prioritising what makes me smile
  • Engage in daily movement
  • Find a balance between screen-based activities and ones away from the keyboard
  • Define career/professional goals for the year
  • Live more in the moment and be a little more spontaneous

Some are a little more tangible than others, but I look forward to giving them a go!